Reliner Kits and Accessories


There has been a SIGNIFICANT price increase in the relining kits. This is due to the fact that they are being bought to be used in homemade forge builds. I have provided these reliner kits as a COURTESY to my customers who are using my products and need these kits. The former prices were nearly at cost, as I am not looking to profit from these materials but wish to provide them to the folks using my forges. These "extra" sales have cut deeply into the inventory I need to continue to manufacture my products and I can not and will not let it continue. If you need a reliner kit for a side project, there will be a STEEP mark-up, as this is the only way I can see to put an end to this nonsense.

For existing customers, please read carefully:

For customers who actually OWN one of my products and need a reliner for it, please send me a text or an email WITH A CURRENT PICTURE OF THE FORGE AND YOUR SHIPPING AND EMAIL ADDRESS and I will invoice you via email with the correct pricing for my EXISTING CUSTOMERS. Emails or texts without pics or shipping addresses will be ignored, as I don't wish to spend time retyping the above instructions everytime someone needs a kit. It's a hassle I understand, but it's the only way I can continue to provide these low cost kits to my customers without losing my shirt to "outside" sales.

Cost for existing customers:

1 Burner Knifemaker reliner    $55.00

2 Burner Knifemaker reliner    $65.00

2 Burner Blacksmith reliner    $75.00

2 Burner Metalsmith reliner    $75.00

3 Burner Blacksmith reliner   $85.00

3 Burner Metalsmith reliner   $85.00


All others can pay the heavy premium, as I am not in the business of providing raw materials for others folks projects at cost, running my production inventory low and wasting my time...

Relining Kits and Accessories for all Diamondback Ironworks Forges are available here.

Kits include all insulation and floor parts.