Contact Info

If you can't take the time to read this, then PLEASE DO NOT waste MY TIME contacting me, especially since 90% of my messages are already answered in this short message...

I don't mean to sound like a grumpy old bastard, but the following is necessary because of the recent popularity of Blacksmithing on TV. I am simply just WAY TOO BUSY to spend time on anything other than production.

Anyhow, the point is, I need to minimize time spent on paperwork, phone calls and unnecessary time away from production. So I have established a production and shipping schedule. I will detail it below, along with answers to the top three FAQ's... 

An order confirmation should be sent to the email address you used during checkout. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder. (A Paypal notification/confirmation is your order confirmation when using Paypal Checkout.)

When your shipping label is printed, you will be emailed by FedEx with your tracking information, again, don't forget to check your spam folder.

Shipping Quotes can be gotten by going through the checkout process. After you enter your address the shopping cart will give you shipping options and prices, from there simply back out of the page or close it if you do not wish to purchase at this time.

Text messages in regards to order confirmation and shipping will be promptly deleted, period.

I do not offer phone consultations, the phone exists for CUSTOMER SUPPORT ONLY, so Forge Owners who have questions can contact me. There simply isn't enough hours in the day for anything else...

In order to continue to offer these forges at these prices, I need to WORK, not waste time on that damn phone...

Shipping Schedule:

Orders placed from Thursday through Sunday will ship on or before Wednesday.

Orders placed from Monday through Wednesday will ship on or before Friday.


I DO NOT answer the telephone during shop hours (or after shop hours). If I am in the shop, I am working, machines are running, the radio is on and I am BUSY. This number is for CUSTOMER SUPPORT, not consultations, I do not have time for consultations, PERIOD. If you have a question about your forge TEXT your name, number and nature of your inquiry  to the phone number below and I will call you when I get the days work finished.If I don't get back to you the same day, send a reminder text. DO NOT call over and over and over, I will NEVER answer a phone call,

If you are trying to contact me via email, please  DO NOT send me mail from any of the "free" email servers (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc...), my server will usually reject them. If you have internet service you should have an email address provided by your ISP, use that one and there shouldn't be a problem.


(704) 785- 1743