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Diamondback Ironworks is a small fabrication and Blacksmith shop. A little bit of background about me,Dennis Meyers, the owner and founder of Diamondback Ironworks. I started my metalworking career in 1990, as an entry level fabricator in a shop producing commercial lawnmowers. I started off spending 10 hours a day behind a grinder and slowly worked my way through the shop, while taking a year of computer programming and a year of fine art. By the end of 4 years, I had worked my way into a position as plant supervisor/CNC programmer. Being unsatisfied with where I was going, I moved from shop to shop, learning as much as I could, but never satisfied with my work environment. I mastered all aspects of general shop fabrication and welding, and spent 4 years as a Nuclear and Aerospace Welder but again, the boredom set in. I had an opportunity to take a position at DeSantis Forge and Studio in New York, running the Blacksmith shop for Mr. DeSantis, handling all the Fabrication and Welding duties, and learning the Blacksmithing trade. I spent 2 years there and learned alot, but again, working for someone else wasn't getting me anywhere and I felt it was time to make a big change. I was offered a position as an ASME Code welder and fabricator in a shop in Charlotte North Carolina,  I sold the house and I headed South! Now, in a new state, in a new home, I decided it was time to start something on my own, so here I am. Presently, I am working out of my home, and as I outgrow my current shop, I am looking for a new home where I can finally build My own facility, the way I want to have it.


Well, it looks as though I'll be running the shop full time soon. I gave notice to my employer to start looking for a replacement. Mid. Feb. at the latest I should be going full steam ahead. I can finally start getting some Oil Tanks and Springers out! The new Milling Machine should be here Friday, along with a new Shear, and with the Press Brake almost finished, I should be ready to roll. I'm also thinking of adding some Hammers and Tongs, and maybe some Books to the Catalog, we'll see where that goes. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all my customers, your interest and support has been wonderful, and I hope I can continue to be of service to you for many more years!


Well, the Mill arrived, and I am most pleased. It has already been pressed into service as a "glorified" drill press while I wait on the tooling to begin machining the hardware for the Springer front ends. I am no longer anyone's employee either, this weekend I was overwhelmed once again with orders and no time to play catch-up, so this morning I made the call to let them know I wouldn't be coming back. It was a difficult decision, as I feel a certian sense of obligation to them. They gave me the opportunity to move to North Carolina, and have treated me well, so that made it more difficult than maybe I would care to admit, but nonetheless, it had to be done. Trying to balance a full time job, a business that has grown to become almost full time, and being a single Dad with 3 kids was just too overwhelming, and I had to do what I felt was best for me and my family. So, sink or swim, it's all on me now...


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