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Quality American Made Forges Since 2004

 Diamondback Ironworks offers a FULL LINE of Forges to meet whatever needs you may have.

The Series 1 Forges are geared toward the newcomer, they are basic forges with a simple Ceramic Blanket liner. They offer reliable performance and a great price, the best part is that the Series 1 Forges share a modular design with the Series 2 Forges, All the Reliners and Accessories for the Series 2 Forges will fit the Series 1 as well. This means that you can start off with the inexpensive Series 1 Forge and it can be upgraded as you grow.

The Series 2 Forges come standard with a vacuum formed Ceramic Board liner and have optional Adjustable Work Supports and Adjustable Doors available. The Modular construction ensures long life, if any part is ever damaged, repair is as simple as bolting on a replacement  part, available right here.

The Billet Master Forges are geared towards heavy production and forge welding. They feature a modular design as well but have a larger capacity than the Series 1 and 2 models. They come standard with an Adjustable Work Support, Adjustable Door on one end and a fixed opening on the other end. This allows you to completely close off one end when necessary or you can open it in one inch increments and high as you need it. They feature a vacuum formed Ceramic Board liner with  heavy ceramic plates along the bottom of the forge walls against the floor to protect the insulation from damage (from abrasion or weld flux corrosion). The Floor is dense ceramic and can be removed and replaced without disassembling the Forge.

The Series 3 Forges come in 3 configuration/models.

The Knifemaker models are, as the name implies, designed for Knifemaking. No frills, just a simple, straightforward design that has everything the Bladesmith needs. Ceramic Board Liners, easy change dense ceramic floor and restricted end opening to retain heat.

The Blacksmith models feature the same ceramic liners and dense ceramic floor, as well as ports at each end to pass long stock through. The also feature a large from door which allow large or odd shaped pieces to be put into the firebox. This is especially handy for general Blacksmithing, when you may be doing anything from straight pickets to scroll work.

The Metalsmith takes things a step farther. they feature a door at each end and another door across the front. When al 3 doors are open it allows unrestricted access to the firebox. This is great for armorers and sculptors working odd shaped pieces and sheet. It's also useful for in the shops doing the Architectural Ironwork.


Have a look around, let me know what you think. Feel free to email with questions or suggestions. If there is a feature you would like to see, let us know. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to simplify you Forging experience.




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